Basic Steps to Writing a Perfect Term Paper

Learning how to write a term paper is a certain thing many school and college-going students struggle with – rest guaranteed that you’re not alone if you’re one of them. High schools don’t habitually arrange students with the term paper composing skills that school lecturers anticipate, so you might seem very frustrated.

Figure out precisely what the lecturer wants. Go through the assignment sheet very carefully. If you have any inquiries, inquire your lecturer for clarification. Visit your lecturer at his working hours, and talk about your paper design to confirm that you realize the directions.

Know the readers expectations.

You will want to know what different types of essays the reader is expecting to read.  There are a number of different types and all will be written in different ways.  So if the reader is expecting an informative style essay and you deliver am argumentative writing, it could impact your grade.  Check out for more information around this.

Brainstorm a large theme that is befitting for the assignment.

Students often are uncreative when considering topics. You definitely desire to compose about a certain thing that concerns you, or adding this term paper is going to be disgusting. If you’re not certain what to compose, visit the lecturer to get some assistance with brainstorming.

Write an outline.

Professors habitually notify you this, and students often don’t listen. A good association is one of the keys to achievement in a term paper, and it’s very tough to be coordinated without an outline. It doesn’t have to be a very comprehensive summary, and you can absolutely deviate from the summary as you compose the paper. Consider displaying your summary to the lecturer before you compose the paper.

Make certain you back up assertions in the paper with adequate evidence.

A claim is a declaration of fact. The evidence is material that loans support to that claim. For example, let’s state you desire to assert that dogs are connected to leukemia in children. If you’re going to state this, you require to back up your assertion with evidence.

Discuss some health investigations and statistics, and encompass an extract from a believable pediatrician.

When utilizing clues, be certain not to rely too very powerfully on examples. You can find examples of just about anything, and isolated examples are seldom good evidence. For example, an article about your kin who has childhood leukemia and ate many of warm canines is not powerful clues to back up your claim. Feel free to use this example, but use it besides more general clues, like statistics or health studies.

Add Citations

You need to make sure that your custom term paper is well-cited so that you do not get accused of plagiarism. For this reason, you must add citations.

6 Steps to a Better Research Paper

Step 1

The first step in any research project is deciding what you want to research. For example, you may want to research China. Whoa, that’s a big topic. You’ll need to narrow it down a bit.

What exactly interests you about China? Let’s say you’re interested in the History of China. That topic is as enormous as the Great Wall, so let’s narrow it down to something more manageable:

History of China–>Women’s roles –>Tang Dynasty (June 18, 618 – June 1, 90)

Step 2

What you need to do now is consider the purpose of your research:

  • Will you compare and contrast the roles of women during the Tang dynasty with some other country?
  • Will you make an argument for or against the treatment of women during the Tang Dynasty?
  • Do you have an original theory you would like to propose about women’s status during the Tang Dynasty?

Let’s pick option 3: An original theory regarding women’s roles during the Tang Dynasty.

Step 3

Now you must formulate a thesis. A thesis is typically a one-sentence summary of your topic.

For our topic, the thesis may be:

Thesis: Women’s status in the Tang Dynasty was relatively liberal.

Great! We’ve got our thesis statement.

Step 4

Now, the fun stuff: let’s come up with a hypothesis. Admittedly to do this, you must already know something about your topic. But, essentially a hypothesis is an attempt to explain the state of something-it is to answer the question of why.

Women’s liberal status during the Tang Dynasty was a result of relative stability and prosperity of the time.

Step 5

Our next step is the literature review, which will help us back-up our hypothesis. A literature review is a survey of the research that already exists on your chosen topic. You will incorporate this into your results, most likely a research paper. There are several different ways to incorporate the literature review.

Below are two commonly used methods of incorporating a lit review:

  • Compare and contrast the existing research
  • Present the existing research in chronological order

In our case, we’ll compare and contrast the existing research, to figure out where our thesis fits in. For example, we’ll look at the roles of women in China and compare times of peace with times of war, times of prosperity with times of leanness.

Step 6

After our lit review, we should have a broad understanding of our topic. At this point, we must begin the writing phase of our research project.

Before you begin, here are a few tips

Your research paper should consist of:

An introduction

  • Clearly states thesis and hypothesis
  • Gives some indication of the topics to be covered (i.e. war, peace, prosperity, poverty)


  • Each paragraph should have a topic sentence-something that tells the reader what is to come. And, each paragraph should transition smoothly into the next.
  • How many paragraphs will depend entirely on the required length of the paper, but as a general guide:
  • One or more paragraphs for a lit review
  • One or more paragraphs for each issue addressed in hypothesis
  • One or more paragraphs synthesizing the work with previous research-both the areas where it coincided and where it contradicted


A conclusion should make mention of your thesis/hypothesis, results, and conclusions.

Bibliography/Works Cited

  • Here is where all your sources used in the research should be listed.
  • The format will depend entirely on the requirements set forth.

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